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A for profit corporation founded in 2012 by a Minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to connect potentially the largest group of people next to the human race at 2.6 billion called the Church, or the Body of Christ by using technology over the internet and the cell phone. Now after 3 years in the making TBOCN has soft launched to the world as of July 4 2015 Independence Day!!!

Does a person need to confess their sins to become a Christian?

In addition to being a source of education and information for Christians, it also encourages every believer to say so ( let the redeemed of the Lord say so ) by standing up for their faith and be counted for by saying that they are a Christian to the world especially today when there is an attack on Christianity like never before in our time.

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​​If a Christian Does wrong how does he get Forgiveness from God

What does the Bible say?


The Body of Christ Network is

The Body of Christ Network is

An evangelistic tool connecting Christians all over the world for fellowship, sharing testimonies and praying for one another. It is
also a way to stay informed and discuss concerns with Christians any where in the world.

It's also a way to get information and teaching helping you become more productive and prosperous.

It's also a tool that connects Christians globally giving  opportunity to share one anothers businesses, ideas and advertise  products and services to the millions of people in the Network.

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             Forgiveness ​

Should Christians stand by Trump?

And if so why or why not?

The Body of Christ Network is

It's Primary Purpose or Mission is evangelistic and seeks to allow God through the Body of Christ to reach the world for the Lord Jesus Christ and minister His love, healing and financial independence

Who Should Christians Vote for?

With today's candidates it's hard to know what to do or is it?